ARRI adds new features for the Alexa FRO

Camera manufacturer ARRI recently utilised the company’s ‘Fiber Remote Option’ (FRO) that they have been developing for the Alexa. Arri recently put the Alexa and FRO into action for a televised recording of Robbie Williams in session, and also on a concert film produced for the band Coldplay.

New features include a new Fiber Remote box design and monitor mount, designed to allow a lot more flexibility for the operator to position the camera monitor for optimal ergonomics and ease of use.

The Alexa FRO now features increased flexibility when adjusting the White Balance as operators now have the option of manually selecting the Kelvin colour temperature value directly on the remote control panel. In addition, a new colour saturation setting is available in the Camera’s RCP menu.

The ALEXA Fiber Remote Option is a fully certified setup that includes CopperHead from Telecast Fiber Systems, allowing ALEXA and ALEXA Plus models to be connected through SMPTE 311M fiber and remote controlled for live painting of the image in camera. High production values are achieved from the Alexa’s shallow depth of field and colour rendition makes it perfect for soaps, sitcoms, talk shows, sporting events and concerts and a lot more!