JVC Launch new ‘4K for all’ Camera

JVC’s latest addition to their Camera family is the all new  GY-HMQ10E, which is set to revolutionise the use of 4K within the curret market. The GY-HMQ10E is the first commercial camcorder on the market to offer 4K Resolution for filming, whilst at the same time having a smaller body than that of the Sony PD150/170s.

Whilst sounding not unlike a product destined for the consumer market as opposed to the pro-sumer or pro markets, we have to remember back to the days when JVC introduced the JY-HD10, the first of its kind, the first single fixed lens HDV camcoder back in early 2005.

The GY-HMQ10E records images up to 3840 x 2160 resolution onto 4 different SDHC Cards simultaniously and then utlises a software application at the back end of the camera to edit suite workflow to ‘wrap’ the 4 different streams back together, recording at data rates of 144MBps and using a H264 codec.

The set ‘launch’ price from JVC stands at £3350 in the UK, which firlmy positions it in the cheap end of the 4K Market, however 4K filming outside of Feature Film Production is still a relatively unheard of and untested market, however JVC has explained that it wishes to introduce “4K to the masses”, which raises a challenge other Camera manufacturers to shake up the current 4k Aquisition market!