Sony prepare for new announcement at NAB 2012

This year’s National Association of Broadcasters trade show in Las Vegas sees Sony set to make a ‘sepcial announcement’. There is a lot of speculation around this mystery announcement, as last year’s NAB 2011 saw Sony unveil the prototype for the 4K resolution camera the F65, and with recent releases of and releases of the full frame 35mm F3, the industry waits with baited breath for their announcement, which they are keepign quite close to their chest.

“Despite challenging natural disasters, 2011 has been a year of discovery and success. Notably, OLED and F65 technologies have broken new ground in producing superior image quality. We also understand that speed and reliability of workflows is key for our professional customers and products like XMPilot and our media asset management solutions have encountered strong pick up throughout the world ” said Olivier Bovis, Head of AV Media, Sony Professional, Sony Europe

“At NAB 2012, we will show that our ability to innovate has been fueled by customer insights and will continue shaping the broadcast industry, bringing the audiovisual and IT worlds ever closer.”


There you have it, just a teaser, but watch this space, and wit for the revealing of whatever it maybe during the NAB show in Las Vegas from 14-19th April.